Augmented Reality

What exactly is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality and mixed reality, places 3d and/or informational content into live video or the “real world” when viewed through a mobile device or headset such as Microsoft’s Hololens. It is kind of awesome. AR uses geolocation, face and object recognition, depth sensors, and graphical markers to “Augment” what the user sees.

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Globotix Industries can help you learn about the various technologies, applications, and potential pitfalls of AR, and how we can make them work for you engage your customers and grow your business.

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Applications for Augmented Reality

Drive sales with virtual fitting rooms at home or in-store. With AR the consumer can see themselves wearing your clothes, shoes, glasses, jewellery, headphones, and more in real time. Allow consumers to visualize their products in their home with life-size 3d interactive models. Online and traditional catalog shopping with products that literally jump off the page.
Use location based augmented reality to overlay directions and points of interest when the customer views your destination in real time through their mobile device.
B2B Sales
Show a buyer what an in-store display would look like on their actual sales floor in real time. Demo your product better in any retail setting. Be able to display an unlimited, scalable 3D product showcase. Engage the decision makers with an Innovative tool that engages and captivates
Industry + Manufacturing
Use AR to provide site or field information in real-time. View and monitor work in progress through Augmented Reality markers placed on parts or equipment being built.
Engage your consumers with your brand by using your product packaging, online or printed materials as the launch pad for exciting AR experiences. It could be a 3d game or your mascot come to life to interact and entertain.
Experiential Marketing
Use augmented reality as part of a virtual scavenger hunt. Integrate your brand into the user's environment in a public space.
Training, Education, & E-Learning
3D interactive lessons which engage the students, and increase comprehension.

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Augmented Reality Technologies we use

The Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK and platform supports Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as digital eyewear including microsoft hololens.
Unity is very robust multiplatform software and game development tool. It is a widely embraced tool for AR development.
ARToolKit is an advanced computer vision software library for building Augmented Reality (AR) applications. It is multi-platform and released under the GNU General Public License.

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