Virtual Reality

Globotix Industries is a full-service VR creative and engineering production studio.
Emerging technologies like Samsung VR Gear and HTC Vive, have finally brought the promise of Virtual Reality to the masses. The demand for these device is huge and, this new market is poised to explode. Your brand can't afford to miss out on this revolution.
Globotix Industries can help you learn about the various technologies, applications, and potential pitfalls of VR, and how we can make them work for you to engage your customers and grow your business.

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Real Estate
Offer stunning virtual tours from home or office. Create virtual tours of properties still under construction for pre-sales. Save time and money with build-out visualizations.
Medical and Healthcare
Facility Design : Optimize your design and budget though virtual reality build-outs and walk throughs. Use VR for for large scale equipment sales, marketing, and training.
Create virtual stores that allow customers to interact with, customize, and purchase your products direct from home. Use VR in-store to create shopping experiences that engage and attract consumers and drive sales.
Experience Design
Amusement and entertainment industries are using VR to experiment and envision new and exciting customer experiences.
Data Visualization
VR will revolutionize how we see data. Virtual reality data visualization will allow you to understand and interpret your data in completely new ways. You will be able to physically travel through your data and manipulate it at any scale - all with a turn of your head or flick of your wrist.
Product Design
Use VR to envision your product and test its user experience, virtually.
Use existing CAD models to create virtual versions of your project before you break ground.  VR can be invaluable in the design and pre-marketing of new projects, allowing builders and clients to view prototypes before the physical work begins. This application can help firms save money by avoiding costly changes.
Training, Education, & E-Learning
Allow the students to explore places and skills they might never otherwise experience. Tour international museums virtually. Train new employees with unfamiliar machinery and processes safely using VR. Create 3D interactive lessons which engage the students, and increase comprehension.

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Virtual Reality Game Design and Development

Virtual Reality games are not just for the hard core gamers. With Samsung literally giving away Gear VR headsets with its latest phones, and Google Cardboard available for less than $10 USD, Virtual Reality will soon be in the hands of your customers... and of your desired customers. The first great branded VR games and experiences are going to have a lot of impact. The market for casual and freemium VR games is going to explode. Globotix Industries has the skills and expertise to help you take advantage of these emerging markets quickly, and on a budget.

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Technologies we use:

Oculus Rift & Touch
Owned by Facebook, Oculus is poised to be integrated into social media in exciting new ways. Touch integrates room scale technology for games and other immersive experiences.
HTC Vive
HTC Vive's room scale technology, intuitive controllers, and integration with Valve's Steam platform, make it great for games and on location immersive experiences.
Google Daydream
Daydream is a virtual reality platform and headset developed by Google for use with Google Pixel and certain other smartphones.
Samsung Gear VR
Mobile virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics, in collaboration with Oculus.
Unity is a very robust multiplatform software and game development tool. It is a widely embraced and powerful tool for the development of high quality Virtual Reality content.

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