Virtual Reality

Globotix Industries is a full-service virtual reality production studio. We offer expert VR design, development, and consultation services to brands that want to make awesome experiences for their customers.

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Virtual Reality Creation, Design, and Development in Austin, TX

VR brings fully interactive, immersive environments to life. Whether you are looking to create convincing life-like simulations, new fantastical worlds, or video games, Globotix Industries can make your vision a virtual reality.

Here are just some of the emerging applications for VR

Data Visualization

Globotix Industries can create amazing virtual reality data visualizations. Imagine being able to walk through your data and observe it from any angle and perspective. To interact with it

Experience Design

The amusement and entertainment industries are using VR to experiment and envision new and exciting customer experiences.

Product Design.

Use VR to envision your product and for virtual user experience testing.

Medical and Healthcare

Facility Design, equipment sales and marketing, and training are just a few of the myriad applications of VR for the healthcare industry.

Real Estate

Offer stunning virtual tours from home or office. Create virtual tours of properties still under construction for pre-sales.  Save time and money with build-out visualizations.


Create virtual stores that allow customers to interact with, customize, and purchase your products direct.  Use VR in-store to create shopping experiences that engage and attract consumers and drive sales.

Training, Education, & E-Learning

3D interactive lessons which engage the students, increase comprehension and allow the students to explore places and skills they might never otherwise experience.


Use existing models and CAD data to create virtual walkthroughs of your project before you break ground.  VR can aid in the design and pre-marketing of new projects, allowing builders and clients to view prototypes before the physical work begins.

When looking for a virtual reality developer in Austin, it is important to hire a team that includes 3D artists, animators, designers, UX specialists, and engineers with expertise in creating virtual experiences for a wide variety of audiences.

We understand that many of our customers have technical, financial, and other constraints. We work personally with you to ensure your needs are met regardless of limitations – creating virtual environments, interactive experiences in VR that support your goals and help you reach your audience. With Globotix Industries you can dream bigger and soar to a level you never before imagined!

There are a handful of virtual reality companies around the country who do what we do; when you are in Austin, Globotix Industries is the name to trust. Put your VR project in capable hands.